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2001-07-16 : 4:13 p.m.
Shit shit and a baby sonogram...

Okay I have exactly 18 mins. to write a bright and inspiring entry to make all those who read or stumble upon me want to add me to their fave's list.

Well today that just don't think its in me.

I for one have been having a shit for shit day.

Let me count the reasons and ways for you...

1- I feel like shit

2- I look like shit

3- I sound like I have lupis.

4- My throat is so raw that it could be a main course in a high price restaurant that specializes in delicasies.

5- My contacts are so gummy that it looks like I'm looking thru gelatin at all times.

6- I hate my job...

I have exactly 6 mins. to entertain you. I feel soo hateful of it here. I just want to run away and never come back.

I am excited however. I get to possibly see my baby in a week. I have changed doctors so it will be closer and after the history visit...I get to see a sonogram!! probably will not find out what sex it is because its too soon but i can see it nonetheless. YAAYYY!!!

Very exciting stuff. More tomorrow. I wrote 2 entries yesterday and 1 on saturday. So check those out for entertainment.

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